So, this is the blurb…

Jon Hiltown, at forty-five years old, is rich, famous and strange. He hasn’t always been rich – independently of his movie producer father Nathan Hiltown – and he hasn’t always been famous. He has always, however, for as far back as his memory stretches, been strange. 

His business relationship with surreal comedian Tommy (Fat Boy) Devine has been non-contractual though mutally profitable for almost twenty years but he yearns to move on, to write novels, poetry, perhaps a serious screen-play. Tommy Devine, however, has a hold over him that is stronger than any legal document and Jon Hiltown can’t break free. 

When he wakes up in a London hotel room with a false identity and no knowledge of the preceding three months of his life he discovers that he is wanted for extradition by the FBI: Tommy Devine has disappeared and Jon Hiltown is the last person known to have seen him alive. 

Weird Metropolitan is unlike any novel you have read before.

Weird Metropolitan is a world existing on its own in space and time; it is neither past nor present; it is simultaneously London, New York, Hong Kong, Paris, all the cities of the world, and also it is nowhere. Its inhabitants are nightmarishly mutable and interchangeable and none of them are what they seem.

 Weird Metropolitan will be published soon as a POD paperback and will be available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other internet outlets.

There will also be available a limited edition pre-publication version which you can order directly from the author by emailing

To read extracts scroll down past the comments box and click on the buttons. 

Find out more about Jon Hiltown by clicking on the SUDDEN button.

Cover photography and design by Rimas Vainorius.


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